William Wordsworth

William Wordsworth- Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

          more positive interpretations of London

          written after Blake’s poem…”dull would he be of soul who could pass by a sight so touching in its majesty”

o   reflection on Blake…wither he’s dull or he was not looking at the right symbols to represent the city

          soul: deeper meaning, beyond mere thoughts to you inner being

          ***the two poems of London contrast city at night and  as seen in the morning***

          bright, glittering, a calm so deep

          river and sun are gendered male

          use of exclamations, he’s excited to see this, takes pleasure from it

William Wordsworth- Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood

          conflicting between his theory that soul exists before birth with Christina views that it doesn’t

          lamenting loss of childhood state of min; he feels out of touch, out of tune “unable o think of external things as having external existence”

          consolation: he lost his innocent views of life by growing u[ yet he gained an appreciation of life

o   can you fully appreciate something you can’t see?

          “whither is fled the visionary gleam: where is it now the glory and the dream?”

o   about lamenting loss of childhood state of mind

o   feeling out of touch, out of tune

o   writing the poem helped him

o   conclusion is consolation: lost a lot as result of growing up but also gained something, an appreciation

o   yet cannot connect with outside world and other people

          Wordsworth lamenting loss of “visionary gleam”

o   he looked inside and found it

          something lost, role of memories from the past on the present person

          jostling between ambivalent feelings

o   joy of childhood vs. adulthood

          “land and sea give themselves up to jollity” = personification

          “shades of prison-house” = metaphor of imprisonment

          child is closer to God, Man is closer to Earth

          material and sensual pleasures explored

          feminizing Earth, maternalizing her

          “inmate man”: image of imprisonment

          journey through life: born close to God, close to sun (our soul) and as we age we travel farther from the sun, attended yet light fades

Split Consciousness

          discontinuous, not unified, that’s why he’s sad

          CHILD: remembered “I”, feelings and instincts

          ADULT: remembering “I”, thoughts and intellect

          why must they be unified?

          struggling to make separate aspects adhere to one another

          mourning the loss of childhood and those perceptions

          celebratory when made to remember childhood; natural purity and peace

          romantics used expressive modes

          split mind is struggling with different perspectives

          CHILD: more joyous, celestial, heavenly, closer to God

ADULT: cynical, and resigned; earthly pleasures, material and sensual


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