Dante Gabriel Rossetti- Jenny

          naturalism: people are passive victims of their environments; undercuts individual agency; can try to get out of social problems but they won’t succeed…people as victims

          heredity: characteristics that were acquired played a crucial role

          problems of one generation play into the second one

          people are inheritor (instead of creators) of past traditions

          mystification: mist, mystify, mysterious, misrepresent things, unreliable narrators, biases, assumptions

          demystification: task of critic, shed light, resist explicit meaning, be skeptical, expose text and author

          roseltian theme: sacred and profane love

o   sprit more significant than body

o   fallen woman = mentally impure; no profound thoughts

o   he’s condescending her; she isn’t worthy of him

          latent content: draw out through reasonable details from the text, unearth them

          oversights, contradictions, blind spots

          manifest content: explicit claims author makes

          psychoanalytical approach: conscious vs unconscious; our task is to explore their unconscious desires

          historical tendency to marginalize life, ignore presence of prostitution

o   comedy context: makes light of it

          humiliate her: exposes her voyeuristic, sensationalist tendencies


o   likening her to a book

o   potter’s clay (theological reference) Potter/ God molded man from clay of earth

§  molding, giving shape and specific identity

§  God is gendered as male

          he’s normalizing his use of women; not his fault → God created her for his pleasure

          “clay” has no agency: no will of her own

          Christian naturalism: your fate is predetermined


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