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Victorian Texts

Matthew Arnold

          Dover Beach

Anthony Hecht

          Dover Bitch

Alfred Tennyson

          The Lady of Shallott

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

          Sonnets from the Portuguese

Robert Browning

          My Last Duchess

Christina Rossetti

          Goblin Market

Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Gerard Manly Hopkins

          God’s Grandeur


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Victorian Period

          keywords: insecurity, turmoil, religious crisis

          conflict between imaginative apprehension and realism

          issues of industrialization and utilitarianism; problems of the social world

o   the domestic sphere for women

          favoured less autobiographical forms: narrative, dramatic monologue, domestic fiction (novel)

          escape from self?

          religious doubt (Darwin)

          PARADOX: an idolization and idealization, while demeaning women (consigned and restricted)

          love of past (medieval times)

          Britain centre of Empire

          desire to be easily understood

          debates romanticism and feminism

          mirror: reflects

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