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Romantic Texts

William Blake

          Holy Thursday (2 versions)

          The Sick Rose


William Wordsworth

          Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood

          Sonnet: Composed upon Westminster Bridge

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

          Dejection: An Ode

John Keats

          Ode on a Grecian Urn

          Ode on Melancholy


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Romantic Period

          keywords: imagination, nature, feeling, author

          expressive modes (feminine)

          focus on thoughts, feelings and creative processes of the author

          marriage of contradictions: they can coexist (sublime invoking awe…holy dread)

          react against classical ideas of rationality, order and self-control

          emphasis on imaginative, intuitive, emotional powers of the individual

          celebration of the natural human being unimpeded by distorting social institutions

          symbiosis between nature and self

          natural human being to evolve regardless of social institutions (lamp: illuminates)

          pet a man with lively sensibility more enthusiasm and tenderness

          simple people living close to the land (French Revolution: liberty of the individual)

          celebration of the natural world and an interest in the effects of nature on the human mind

          the poet as the her/ conscience of his society

          use odes a lot

o   an odes is a lyric poem in elevated, or high style often addressed to a natural force, a person or an abstract quality; consists of thesis, antithesis and conclusion


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