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Modern Texts

T.S. Eliot

– The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Virginia Woolf

          A Room of One’s Own

          The Mark on the Wall

James Joyce


John Agard

          Listen Mr. Oxford Don

Seamus Heaney


Dylan Thomas

          Fern Hill


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Modern Period

          keywords: fragmentation, alienation, atomization

          imagism: celebrates and emphasizes concision, clarity , concrete

o   captures complex condensed moment in time, precise images

          random, quick images

          enjambment, irony, moral chaos (unable to see stable truth) makes speakers and narrators unreliable

          modernists try to repudiate rational unified cogito

o   cogito: no conflicts, clarity in perceptions

          modernists wanted to show the obscurities; people aren’t aware of what’s going on

          “herd mentality” follow as sheep leads to mediocrity; offers critiques of mass culture

          aspects of time and multiple identities

          modernists felt the were being realists

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